Tara & Robert: Married! | Hudson Wedding Photography

You would be hard pressed to find two kinder, more genuine and overall fun human beings than Tara & Rob. They are the kind of people who when spending time with them are able to make you feel like the most important person in the room. The reception took place at the Whitlock Golf and Country Club in beautiful Hudson, Quebec; and by the joy that was  on the faces of all their guests that day, it was clear that this was truly a celebration of not just the momentous occasion, but of all the relationships that Tara and Rob have forged throughout the years with each individual who was in attendance. It was such a joy to photograph their wedding, all the while I was made to feel much more like a guest than a vendor – and I am so appreciative of that. Here are a few of my favourite images from the day:


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Sandra + Mike : Married! | Montreal Wedding Photography

Often, we take the simple things for granted. Take for example, the ability to communicate – living in Montreal, the subject of language is always on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Normally the debate is between English and French, but the conversation, however, is a little bit different between Mike and Sandra.

Mike speaks Italian, and Sandra speaks Spanish. I’m told that there is enough similarities within the two languages, that they are able to adequately communicate verbally. But spend just a few minutes with these two and you begin to get the picture that any lacking in vocabulary is more than compensated with by their mutually deep understanding of soul. Love does, in fact, transcend language. This is so thickly apparent when these two are next to each other and we had the privilege to photograph their wedding. Here are a few of our favourite images:




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Esther & Marvin : Married! | Montreal Wedding Photographer

You can always count on a Jewish wedding to be fun, young and old dancing up a storm – it’s truly a celebration in all senses of the word. Esther and Marvin’s wedding was no exception. I had the pleasure of working with Monique, from Monique Simone Photography and alongside James and Mark the boys from Villa View Cinema for this rockin’ wedding at the Plaza Volare reception hall. Details like the leather Converse shoes Marvin got for all the groomsmen, and customized Chuppah designed by Esther herself made their wedding entirely theirs. Here are a few frames from the day:


Monique’s photo:


Monique’s photo:018_EstherMarvin_201063019_EstherMarvin_201166020_EstherMarvin_021_EstherMarvin_201230022_EstherMarvin_023_EstherMarvin_201262026_EstherMarvin_201467



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Jen & Al: Married! | Ottawa Wedding Photography

Happy. Life sometimes gives us a raw deal – sometimes, we have to go through hard, and tragic times and there are no satisfying reasons why. But what I’ve learned is, that if we don’t allow the pain to harden us, there is this strange and wonderful side effect that can open us up to opportunities to experience incredible emotions on the other side of the spectrum too. We are open to a deeper appreciation of the people we have, and an uncanny awareness of the moments we’ve been given together.

Jen & Al got married in Ottawa at the Southminster United Church in front of friends who are family, and had their reception at the freshly renovated Museum of Nature. Despite the fact that Jen’s parents couldn’t be there physically, their spirits were all over the day blessing it from above. There was no brushing the smile off Jen’s face,  through tears of joy the happiness that these two share is palpable and contagious. It was a real pleasure photographing the big day of these two wonderful souls. Here are a few of our favourite images:




  • Jen Lau - I just want to say on behalf of Al and I, THANK YOU so much for capturing our memories on our special day. Tim and Angela, you were so fun, easy to work with, efficient, full of great ideas. We knew before we booked you guys, that they would turned out to be beautiful. You caught moments with such emotion on ourselves, our family and friends. We will cherish these photos in our hearts forever.

    Thank you so much :)

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